We intend to win the messaging game!

If you’re one of those who believe our party messaging has fallen short in recent years join us! Let’s work together to flip the script. With our words. Our values. Our checkbook.

Dems in Brown, Door and Kewaunee counties have joined forces to form the Tri-County Influence Campaign (TIC). This group was fashioned after Marinette County’s task force that put up billboards and radio ads. Marinette has since joined with Oconto and Shawano counties to form the Northern Counties Information Group (NCIG), a sub committee of the 8th Congressional District. 

These two messaging groups have worked to develop locally based messaging on the issues that affect us here in Northeast Wisconsin. These two messaging groups raise funds to deveop messages and disseminate them via billboards, large and small yard signs, radio ads, postcards, Facebook posts and ads, as well as videos on YouTube.

Check out our Newsletter which has updates on messaging at this link: https://wiscdems.com/newsletters/

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Influence Campaign

Coalition of Brown, Door, and Kewaunee County Parties
Unintended Consequences as told by an OBGYN doctor and a first hand experience by a patient.
Hear a Gen Z College student talk about the impact of Climate Change
Message from Dr. Hector Rodriquez of how history is a warning to his community (in Spanish and a second one in English).
Message from Dr. Hector Rodriquez of how history is a warning to his community (in English).
Democrats Many Accomplishments
What have Dems done lately?
The High Cost of Insulin

Northern Counties Information Group

Members from Marinette, Oconto, and Shawano Counties.
Northern County Information Group YouTube Playlist link:


Sample billboards below