8th Congressional District Convention 2017

Hosted by  Calumet County

April 8, 2017

Document compiled by

Kathi Taylor, 8th CD Secretary

Revised by Ann Muenster, Frank Ingram & John Rybski

8th CD Platform and Resolutions Committee

April 27, 2017

Water Quality

Submitted by the Democratic Party of Door County (adopt as revised 97 words)

WHEREAS all people depend on and deserve safe water to drink, cook and wash, and 

WHEREAS there have been cities and counties who have had contaminated water supplies, and

WHEREAS these supplies have been contaminated with pollutants such as, but not limited to, heavy metals, petrochemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, and/or dangerous bacteria and viruses,

Therefore, RESOLVED, when contamination is found, annual tests of affected public and private wells will be funded by the State to identify any of the aforementioned contaminants, to monitor the corrective actions taken by polluters, and to remediate and resolve these problems.

Universal healthcare

Submitted by the Democratic Party of Door County (adopt as revised 63 words)

WHEREAS healthcare is a right of all Americans; and

WHEREAS we do not have a UNIVERSAL, national, single-payer health-care insurance program in the US; and

WHEREAS Medicare/Medicaid has proven to be an efficient, effective and equitable system of health insurance for the millions of people who currently have it;

Therefore, be it RESOLVED that Medicare/Medicaid coverage be extended to everyone in the US.

Medicare/Medicaid Funding

Submitted by the Democratic Party of Door County (50 words; adopt without revision)

WHEREAS it is critical to the continued and future maintenance and success of Medicare/Medicaid as a universal, national, single-payer health insurance program, that funding for that program be dependably and adequately provided and guaranteed;

Therefore, be it RESOLVED that taxes for Medicare and Medicaid be levied on all earned income.

Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOS)

Submitted Kewaunee County Democratic Party (adopt as revised 99 words)

WHEREAS, some farming has evolved into industrialized CAFOs with thousands of animals housed at each site;  

WHEREAS, it is estimated each day CAFOs in Wisconsin produce over 47,000,000 gallons of waste containing disease-causing organisms which is spread above geological structures and biological systems incapable of filtering it, polluting the people’s lakes, streams, and drinking water;

WHEREAS, current laws and enforcement practices fail to consider sustainable agriculture, public health, and the natural environment and preempt local control;

Therefore, RESOLVED, DPW supports a comprehensive revision of all laws governing the establishment and expansion of CAFOs and supports restoration of local control.

Support Funding of Public Schools

Submitted by Kewaunee County Democratic Party (adopt as revised 96 words)

WHEREAS, public education is a cornerstone of democracy and essential to Wisconsin’s economic prosperity;

WHEREAS, Wisconsin’s Constitution guarantees public education for all K-12 students;

WHEREAS, private schools are not held accountable to state standards;

WHEREAS, the state cannot afford to support two education systems;

 WHEREAS, taxpayer subsidized private schools take resources from public schools;  

THEREFORE, RESOLVED, that taxpayer money be used only to support public educational institutions and that all funding for pre-K-12 districts be restored, and

Be It Further Resolved, that funding for the technical college and University of Wisconsin System Schools be fully restored.

Increase Alternative Transportation In Rural Communities

Submitted by Waupaca County Democratic Party (adopt as revised 93 words)

WHEREAS all people require access to transportation, and

WHEREAS, small rural communities lack public transportation options; and

WHEREAS, rural residents require transportation to and from surrounding communities to access essential services, healthcare, education and employment; and

WHEREAS, driving may not be possible for the elderly, disabled, or lower income residents; and

WHEREAS, transportation alternatives can improve quality of life, increase opportunity, and trigger economic growth; and

WHEREAS, federal and state funding is available for rural transportation alternatives,

Therefore, RESOLVED, DPW supports expansion by counties and municipalities of alternative transportation in our rural communities.

Opposition to Means Tested Programs

Submitted by The Democratic Party of Brown County (adopt as revised 96 words)

WHEREAS, the DPW believes governmental policy should unify and not divide the American people, and

WHEREAS, means testing has traditionally been used to determine eligibility for basic human services such as healthcare, support for children, and housing, and

WHEREAS, means testing has created a wedge between the “the deserving poor” and the “not quite poor enough,” and  

WHEREAS, this division of working people has been exploited politically,  

Therefore, RESOLVED, that a guiding principle of the DPW is the universal provision of essential human services funded by a system of progressive taxation based on income and wealth.